Sirius Internet Radio - Detecting / Preventing Listener Timeout

I have the Sirius Player running in IE on one of my servers. About once an hour, I get that PopUp in the browser session that states "Your Streaming Was Paused Due To Inactivity", "Click Here to Continue".

1 - Is there a way I can access the player itself thus bypassing this timeout...
2 - I can write a app that can monitor this IE session and detect the "timeout" and click on the IE session to resume the streaming.
3 - Any other suggestion I would welcome to prevent or automatically deal with the timeout.
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Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
someone came up with the solution of installing automouseclicker:

"I have been using a free program called AutoMouseClicker and it works  great.
 I set it to click in the radio screen every 5 minutes and i never stop  streaming.
 go to google and search for automouseclicker and it is the first result."


I hate that popup as much as you do!!

RobertFromSecretWeaponsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for you tip, however, I had already something like that in mind and was hoping for something a little more.  However, since I left the door open in statement number 3 above I will award points.
RobertFromSecretWeaponsAuthor Commented:
Hoping for something a little more meaty..
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