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We are running BES 4.1.6 with Exchange 2007 SP1.

Occasionally, we either need to:

i) Activate a user on a BB device that someone else had previously used

ii) Reactivate a user on their device

I was wondering - do we need to wipe handheld and also recreate the user-to-be-activated's BES account?
I remember reading that since BES and the BB agree to encryption keys upon activation, if there is anything to do with reactivation it's worth completely wiping the device and also recreating the BES account?

Cheers guys.
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Shekhar2coolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Incase where the device was used by another person and then it has to be assigned to someone else, it's a good practice to wipe the handheld.

Now, why do you need to reactivate the same user on the same blacbkerry ? It is done incase there is some issue with sync or reconcile or email flow which is not solved with the basic troubleshooting.
You should always wipe a handheld before giving it to another user.  

When assigning a BB to a new user it will see the PIN no and assign it to the new user that your adding
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