HP ML350 G1 Wont Boot

Hello experts!

I have an HP ML350 G1 that as of this morning will not boot. It begins its normal post process then stops at a screen that says the following:

<<< Press <F8> for Multi Initiator Configuration! >>

Slot Port ID LUN Vendor     Product         Sync      Bus      HD#
 00    1    0    0

Here is what I know about the system:

I believe it was booting into a Raid 5

The lights on the front of the drives light up with the exception of the first hard drive.

I've attached a picture of the screen it is hanging on.

This is a critical server so any help is greatly appreciated.
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It seems like your SCSI controller may be having issues.  It isn't even scanning your drives yet.  
kinetik20Author Commented:
Any suggestions as to diagnosing the problem?
kinetik20Author Commented:
Is it possible to connect the drives to another controller to retrieve the data?
try to get the diagnostics software from CPQ and try running it, but look like a controller issue.
kinetik20Author Commented:
Daughter card was replaced and server booted up fine. Thank you all for your help!
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