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I have an Anycom Aris-21 bluetooth headset. Windows 7 finds and pairs successfully with the headset but when installing the driver for the input and output device it fails to find a match. It did not come with a driver installation disk and the company's website ( appears to have been down for quite some time. Where else can I get a windows driver for this headset?
Matt CoughlinAsked:
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Eeeek! So sorry for getting your hopes up with that link ... I think I saw 'bluetooth' and 'anycom' and got a little excited after all my internet searching. After pairing the BT headset, can you peek in Device Manager, right-click > Properties > Details tab and provide the Hardware Ids listed? They probably start with something similar to VEN_1002% ...

Hang in there!

PS ... with headsets being so affordable these days, you must have SOME sentimental attachment to this one!  :)
Hi MCSolutions03,

It looks like the parent company/manufacturer for the Anycom brand has gone bankrupt and is no longer in business. To get your BT headset working, try installing the driver in Vista compatibility mode as suggested on the sites below. (Note that the driver is linked for download in the first link.)

Hope this helps!
Matt CoughlinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, but the link you provided for download is for an Anycom USB bluetooth adapter not a bluetooth headset. I too stumbled upon this when looking for my driver. Thanks anyway though.
Matt CoughlinAuthor Commented:
I parted ways this old headset and just decided to get a new one. (Which works perfectly I must add). Thanks for your help.
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