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I am trying to copy a 400GB file share from its current location on a server to a CIFS share on our Netapp. Because I cannot have the files down for an extended period of time I will need to do the transfer twice. Once to get the bulk of the data. The second time I will have "outage" while I do a delta. The problems I face are:
1.  I will be transferring the data across a WAN link (T1) and I don't want to impact the link too severly.
2. We have many sets of folders that exceed the 254 character limit imposed by most copy programs.
3. I need to maintain the exact sets of permissions that are currently on the folders and sub folders.
From what I've gathered robocopy is one of my few options for this.
the basic syntax is robo copy \\server\share \\server\share but what switches can I add to help with the above mentioned issues. Or are there any other methods for achieving the same results?
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you should use /copyall to move all your file parameters and permissions.
you should use /r:2 because default retry count is 1 million!
you should use /e to copy all subdirs
you should use /zb to copy files with no permissions for you

And this should be ok except your bandwidth...
BRPsysadminAuthor Commented:
in addition, I need to maintain timestamps, not alter them.
BRPsysadminAuthor Commented:
also what switch do I use to do the delta for the second pass?
It should not copy files already present at the destination.

And about bandwidth: you can use /IPG but I never used it so you have to try parameters values yourself.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Also use the LOG parameter just in case it skips a file now which files were skipped and can go back to them if needed.  

On the Netapp don't forget to setup ASIS, now comes free and will do a good deal of dedupe
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