What options in syncback pro would be the most efficient way to backup data from a remote site across a vpn to our main office?

I have been using syncbackpro to perform backups.
I found the fast backup option and I have not tested that but want to know if I am on the right track.
I need to backup only the changed data to the main office (destination) The destination data does not change.
I have five directories that contain the data that needs to be backed up.
These are in a group that has the run profiles in parallel checked.

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It very much depends if the transferred data is going to be amended in anyway by any other process or person. Using the Fast Backup option relies on this not being the case. Because it doesn't scan the Destination - after run #1 *as* a Fast Backup - it won't be aware of any such changes, and it is conceivable data loss could occur if (for example) the profile 'blind-writes' a copy of SAMPLE.DOC last modified yesterday morning at Source to the Destination, which overwrites a copy of SAMPLE.DOC last modified yesterday afternoon which is already there (modified/added by someone else at the main office end)

If, as you say, you are backing up from [somewhere] to the main office, other people might be working on this data after transmission - if so, Fast Backup is not recommended. But you did say 'the destination data does not change', so if you are *certain* of that, go ahead and use it. It will improve throughput (after the first run as a Fast Backup) by not needing to scan the whole Destination in order to copy a few files.

All profiles will (after the first run when they copy everything, assuming the Destination is blank) only copy changed files. Always assuming that the files are stored correctly so that they match the originals which is sometimes not the case with FTP servers and some NAS devices (or a combination thereof). If you are backing up from a Windows system over VPN to a Windows server, we would not expect you would hit this problem.

It sounds as though you are using 5 profiles (one per folder) which is not strictly necessary - you can set the Source to one level higher, and simply use Choose Subdirectories and Files button (on the Simple page) to select the five folders you want / de-select the others

Profiles running in parallel will usually be contending for *something* - bandwidth across SATA/IDE bus at either end, NICs at either end, disk thrashing, VPN connection... If the VPN connection is slower than you would like, probably even one profile is sitting around waiting for it to transfer the previous file before sending the next one, so running five in parallel is probably pointless. It may even be slowing things down due to time-slicing overhead

We would therefore recommend either change to using one profile as above (thus, only one log instead of five, etc), or switch off the 'run in parallel' option - it's really only designed for people with specialist hardware (multiple disks with multiple controllers, etc) that can take advantage of it. It's certainly not recommended for a situation where you may have a 'bottleneck' (the VPN connection) already.

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kallatechAuthor Commented:
I set the backup up as you suggested.
I checked the fast backup option, and extreme copy.
Would mirroring be good in this scenario?
Entirely up to you. Mirroring = Backup but with the additional aspect that deletions on Source are replicated to the Destination - that is, the corresponding copies on the Destination are also deleted (whereas with a standard Backup they are not). You have to balance potential build up of old files on Destination (and the space they require, plus the fact that any Restore will include them) against the possibility of an accidental deletion on Source being replicated to to the Destination before you realise that it (the original deletion) has happened (thus, the latest run has just deleted your backup copy as well - because you told it to replicate deletions, so it did). It's your decision which method to use.

Kind Regards
The 2BrightSparks Team
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd
kallatechAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for responding on EE and on the forum.

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