using usb hard drives with VMware Esxi

Hi..i have seen this question in a no of places in EE but have yet to see an answer i like!!!!

is there any way way i can simply plug into a usb drive and have the local VM see it without using usb to ip converters???  can the usb ports be "mapped" through...

i will be adding a vm to this server soon which will have a piece of software on it which uses a usb dongle for security....can this be done???

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Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, unforutunately VMWare ESX/ESXi do not support mapping the local USB to the guest machines.

Many people have had luck with these devices:
USB is not supported yet in either ESX or ESXi....kind of. VMware has provided a way *if* your server supports IOMMU. You can see if you can enable VMDirectPath...see here:

I have this same problem with a flex license server and ended up using a USB over IP device by Mattymotas has it right.
And one other thing to note...VMDiectPath is only possible with prior versions.
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