Virtual Server 2005 and HTTP 500 Interanl Server Error accessing Administration Website

I installed WIndows Virtual Server 2005 on a Windows 2003 Server on Friday.

After doing so, the Administrative Website page was accessible and I was able to add vrtual machines.

Returning to the machine today, I am getting an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when I try to access the Administration Website.  The administrative website is now inaccessible.  I have added the Administration Website to trusted sites in Internet Options. The browser I am using is Internet Explorer 8.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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I assume you are using the shortcut created during installation to access your admin website. Usually this points to http://localhost:1024/VirtualServer/VSWebApp.exe?view=1 or http://servername:1024/VirtualServer/VSWebApp.exe?view=1
try to use the IP address instead so (or whatever your physical IP is) and check if you're prompted for a username and password.
notcjwAuthor Commented:
This worked. Thanks.
notcjwAuthor Commented:
Using the IP address worked. It is curious however that removing the host name from trusted sites also works but then you have to add it back in do get scripts to work.  Using the IP addresses circumvents the need for this. Thanks.
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