render sharepoint calculated column into HTML

Hi, I have been struggling with this for a silly amount of time. I have looked at tons of examples that are more difficult than mine but I am a novice in javascript so I am getting no where.
All I am trying to do is render a calculated column =CONCATENATE("<a href=""mailto:",ID,"">"LINK</a>") and have it show the word LINK vs the whole addr.
I would appreciate any help I can get and any beginner references you might suggest.
=CONCATENATE("<a href=""mailto:",ID,"">"LINK</a>")

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Your quotes look off a little.
=CONCATENATE("<a href=mailto:",ID,"">LINK</a>")  
Quotes are definately out,  if it doesn't work or you're just interested in using the calculated field to do clever things check out this blog.
There are other examples also,  basicaly he uses the calculated column to generate HTML code on the fly and then with a script he includes in a content editor webpart uses the client side code to force the calculated column to render as sharepoint in the client browser....pretty impressive were my thoughts.
If the HTML still renders as text on your link,  you may need to use something like this :)
Have fun
kburris3Author Commented:
My friend came to my desk and found that it was the quotes. I needed to breakout the quote and I missed one.

Thanks to Taurance and Raphilass
kburris3Author Commented:
I finally got things to work when I took the longer lines of html and color coded the quotes to see if I was off. The breakingout of the quotes made all this make sense.
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