How to Query (select) ADO.NET Recordset

I have a question about the best way to retrieve and query records in memory. Below is the sample of the data. Basically what I want to do is:

If a user picks a repcode from a dropdown is pick all the condcodes associated and populate a different combobox. Then when the user picks a condcode from the next dropdown dropdown populate another combobox with the associated simcodes.

Normally I would just run a series of queries to get the next set of rows. But this form will be used with a high frequency and I am trying to minimize the DB calls.

I am open to any ideas on this, collections, datatables, etc.

Thanks for your help and attention.
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Alfred A.Commented:

In my opinion, the use of DataTables in a DataSet would be one approach I would do.

You can use DataTables.Select Method to filter and retrieve information from memory rather than DB access.

You can also use a generic list and store it in your dataset.

I hope this helps.
fullbuggAuthor Commented:
I agree... Would you happen to have a VB.NET version?
Alfred A.Commented:
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If you have data in one datatable and another datatable containing the records then


dTable.DefaultView.RowFilter = "condcode='" & combobox1.Text & "'"

combobox2.DisplayMember = "Simcode"
combobox2.ValueMember = "Simcode"
combobox2.DataSource = dTable.DefaultView

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fullbuggAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay in getting to this. I only get one day a week to write any code for this project.

Thanks again!
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