2008 R2 DHCP server not allowing reservations

Over the weekend I changed our clustered DHCP from 2003 R2 to 2008 R2.

I used the following guide:

The migration didnt exactly go according to a plan. The first part of the migration did not actually migrate the DHCP services, although it did migrate the cluster name and IP. The solution was to create a clustered DHCP service from scratch. Then migrate the database into the new clustered service.

Today I discovered it will not allow me to add reservations with the error:
The specified DHCP client is not a reserved client.

I can confirm the DHCP is authorized and properly handing out DHCP leases. I can also confirm that old reservations work correctly.

The example in this case
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Probably the reservation is out of range. The you specified is the scope. What is the range?
thomasguidryAuthor Commented:
The old DHCP server was setup by the networking crew for the range to between all the way to the end. It was configured this way to insure we always had the first bit of reservations for printers so that they were easy to find etc. I corrected the issue by making the range the entire scope and then setting up an exclusion range between .2 and .15 (since the gateway is .1)
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