Getting a NullPointerException in a web application running in weblogic 10.2

Recently I logged into the application code in the development environment to modify some code.  when I ran the application, it gave me the following error.

] Unhandled exception caught in
      at com.bea.p13n.taglib.util.ForEachInArrayTag.doStartTag(
      at jsp_servlet._waterconservation.__commercial._jspService(
      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspBase.service(

Can someone please help? The last time I accessed the code and ran the application it ran fine without any problems(if I remember well). I am not sure what changed.

thank you for any help or suggestions.
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Redeploy the application it will work fine.
Anandhi1Author Commented:
Thank you. I got it working. Actually, I have content management code in my jsp. The data was null so it threw that exception. Now it is resolved.
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