Kaspersky vs Trend Micro Antivirus

I currently use Symantec Antivirus in our office network of 25 clients machines (Wind XP, Vista and Win 7), two windows 2003 servers and one Windows Storage Server 2003 (64 bit).

I have had problems upgrading to new versions (Endpoint versions) of Symantec antivirus and recently had to rollback such an upgrade through much network disruptions.

I have heard that Trend Micro provides early virus updates. I am looking to dump Symantec and move to either Kaspersky antivirus or Trend Micro. Kindly provide related comments and advise. Thanks.
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Some comparisons for you:



I have never used Kaspersky personally, however I have used Trend and although the product itself was quite good, their support in the UK sucked.  We had particular issues with licencing etc., and they were singularly unimpressive.  Hopefully, US support is better.


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We currently use Trend Micro in our 500+ user environment.  I like it a lot - very easy to schedule scans and the remote management tools are very important.  You can choose to include the spyware definitions in your scan - and get accurate reports about the health of your network.  If multiple infections start to report - you can increase your scheduled scans on each system.  Currently we scan weekly over the noon hour and cease at the end of the noon hour so the systems aren't hung up when users return to work.

Trend will return the scan right where it left off the next week.  If an infection presents itself on our network we'll increase the scan to 3x a week (M,W,F) and remove the time limitation.  Trend can really bring a machine to its knees doing a full scan, which is good when you need scanning priority - but you can also set it up to run in the background with less interruption for your users.  Overall its a good product - and will find virus signatures that are less than a week old that others miss even if it can't remove it.

Any issue with licensing usually have to do with Trend locating and identifying itself to the reporting server.  If you are deploying machine images - you can't put Trend in the image.  You have to use a script or ghost task to call up the installer if you don't want to manually install it on each machine.  This works great because every machine we image calls up the installer off a network share which runs while the rest of the software is pushed through Symantec Ghost.
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bobox00Author Commented:
jameskeagie is your company in the US? If yes, how is the technical support? I am in the US.
Yes - we are in the U.S. - State gov't organization & the support has been mostly mediocre.  Haven't had too many reasons to call, but we did have an issue with a large scale deployment (what I was talking about before) where after installation (500+ systems) clients were not reporting to the database correctly.  However, it was resolved relatively quickly - and after spending time on the corporate support lines for both Kaspersky & Symantec in my time - I'd say none of them are that good - and Trend is no worse.  1/2 a day on the phone & issue was escalated pretty quickly - quickly got a tech on and found that Trend generates an ID for each client during install - so cloning the install in a deployment image doesn't work if you want to use the reporting functions.

Hope my input helped - I'd say for corporate use in my experience Trend is pretty solid.  
Oh James, where were you when I needed you?  Fancy jumping the pond?
I've used both Kapersky and Trend; Kapersky wins hands down in every area that I can imagine being tested.  Due to a grant, we were "given" copies of Trend Micro along with their server level application.  I'll admit some fault along the lines, but we were constantly down and rebuilding machines due to virus infections.  I wiped those grant machines out and put Kapersky on them and have not had a virus outbreak since.  BTW...running these in a 800 system network in a school district.
lancecurwensville - I don't know when you were using Trend - but active scanning is not as good as Kaspersky -you really have to schedule scans.  Also, the definitions a few years ago were not as good - but now Kaspersky has a higher CPU usage than I would like, and the definitions don't pick up nearly as much as it should - but when it does pick something up it really has a good removal rate.  I prefer Trend purely because it may not remove 100%, but at least will report back that something is there where others may miss it - allowing me to clean it either manually or with a different remote tool (most Malware is not removed well by either, but Trend will still identify it)
i now using the kaspersky in my office and it actually is a good antivirus and the licence fee is not too expensive, but the computer requirement for kaspersky will be a bit higher than normal antivirus, but overall it is good to use and the interface is very user friendly also it detection is very fast and the update is very often also. And as i know kaspersky has win a lot of award in the security area, u may try to find more information on the virus bulletin website - "http://www.virusbtn.com/index" and AV-Comparatives website - "http://www.av-comparatives.org/".
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