CollabNet Subversion Server and Client v1.6.9 (for windowns) vs Subversion or CollabNet AnkhSVN which to use?

I am confused on whether to install the CollabNet Subversion Server and Client v1.6.9 (for Windows) or the Subversion software download at Both are suppose to be free open software? And there is CollabNet AnkhSVN which also suppose to be free ? and works with Visual Studio which we use for our dot projects athough we need to manage non dot net projects and documents as well? So which ones do you download and use to make a free cfm system to manage dot net projects and non-dot net projects and documents?
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Subversion is an open standard that is implemented by multiple organisations.  CollabNet is a more popular one.  Download TortoiseSVN which works with any SVN server and will integrate nicely into Windows Explorer, so you can use it to manage any folder - it doesn't have to be source related.

The Server component is what serves up the svn:// protocol, but with Tortoise SVN, it actually doesn't need a server.  It can work with the repository directly using  file://servername/C:/path
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
cyberkiwi: Thanks so much.  So TortoiseSVN is not a SVN server but some kind of protocol program that communicates directly with Windows Explorer. Is that true? Also please kindly tell me what is a SVN server ? Also please note we use Visual Studio to develop dot net projects and there is something called CollabNet AnkhSVN ? which suppose to allow Visual Studio  to check in and check out files directly. Is the CollabNet AnkhSVN the best option? sorry i am new to this stuff.
TortoiseSVN can either act as a client program that can talk to a SVN server or it can work on the repository directly.  Imagine your projects source is versioned in a storage area somewhere - that is called a repository.

An SVN server works to let you check in/out to the filesystem repository (source control store).  Like a web server lets you interact with files/programs on the web server from the internet.

AnkhSVN is a SVN client that is integrated into Visual Studio, so that it adds menu items in Visual Studio to allow you to check in/out between local filesystem and source control store.

You can continue to use Ankh from VS and for all other non-VS projects you can use TortoiseSVN from Windows Explorer directly - there is no clash.

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tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
cyberkiwi: again, thanks.
However one more question before I sign-off. Is Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 free download from MSDM still a vital product to use. We were able to download it from our MSDM license.  we are very small group and use VS 2005 and VS 2008 to develop dot net projects and don't have  Visual Studio Team System (with Team Foundation Server) to get the upgraded SourceSafe that comes with Team Foundation Server. Can it hurt to use the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 free download from MSDM until we get Team Foundation Server and upgraded Visual SourceSafe?
SourceSafe is pretty good to use if you are a Microsoft shop and has excellent integration with VS.  It would be a good choice.

I personally use SVN but that's because it is open source and has plugins for web access etc that I find easier to control.
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
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