apply group policy to one subnet at a time within an AD site?

Hi All, I know that you can deploy group policy based on AD sites, but what if the site contains multiple subnets?  We're rolling out an agent that affects networking and although we tested on a small group, we'd like to limit potential damage by only applying the agent to one subnet at a time.  Is there a way to do this using GP within a site with multiple subnets?

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Not as such, you can only apply a GP to a site, domain or OU and while you can filter by security group I don't see how this will help in this situation.
If you're using Group Policy Preferences then they can be restricted to particular subnets using the Item-Level Targeting feature.  This isn't an option for regular Group Policy items though.

If it's something that can be accomplished with a startup script (under Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts\Startup) then you could have the script check the computer's subnet before executing the action.
As an addition to Shift-3's comment, you can consider GPO / WMI Filter as well. With WMI filter, only the machines matching WMI filter will get the GPO.
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