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I am looking at our network at the moment, and looking at possible avenues, one of which is EBS 2008 (I know it goes off sale at end of June!)

clustering and failover is a big consideration for us, down time would be bad.

Anyway, for example, i get two identical servers with external storage.  I want to install the full EBS Package + an extra server 2008 running TS on one physical server.

Now say I want the second machine to be a part of the cluster, for load balancing purposes.   Do I need to purchase a seperate copy of EBS ?  

This is from the Microsoft Website, and to me it reads as if I can install EBS on upto 5 physical servers...


For EBS 2008 Standard Edition: You can run one instance of each of the management server software, the security server software, and the messaging server software in a physical or virtual operating system environment (OSE) on up to 3 servers at any one time.

For EBS 2008 Premium Edition: You can run one instance of each of the management server software, the security server software, the messaging server software, and “premium server” software in a physical or virtual OSE on up to 5 servers at any one time. For the premium server software,

You can run an instance of Windows Server 2008 Standard in a physical or virtual OSE; and if you run a virtual OSE, you can run an additional instance of Windows Server 2008 in a physical OSE in order to run hardware virtualization software or provide hardware virtualization services or run software to manage and service operating system environments on the licensed server.

You can run any number of instances of SQL in one physical or virtual machine, and it must be joined to the EBS domain.


anyone can make sense of this ?
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It treats the 5 OSE "servers" as 1 logical EBS "server".  Now the 5th server comes from being able to, in the premium edition, install the 4th server in a Virtual OSE where the physical OSE is the 5th (let's say 2008 + Hyper-V/VirtualServer) and is only used to host/manage the 4th server.

The reason you may want to do this is that having it as a v-OSE will allow the entire VM to be backed up or snapshotted, using the 5th OSE of course.

Take EBS Standard which has 3 server products.  It means that you can run 1 instance of each server product only on 1 OSE at a time, whether physical or virtual.  However, you can run the 3 server products each on a different OSE, resulting in a total of 3 OSE at any one time.
You cannot run 3 copies of the messaging server for example on 3 OSEs at the same time.
lost_in_dataAuthor Commented:
Yeah that makes sense, but premium version only adds sql but can be install on 5 ? how can you spread 4 products across 5 units?
lost_in_dataAuthor Commented:
thanks for clearing that up,.. so HA in virtual mode doesnt really get cost effective on software side..
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