What do i need to set-up a voip PBX?

I want to setup a voip PBX system, extensions, and some of the extension has to be redirected to my personal mobile phone what do i need?  in hardware, software.

Is there a way to integrate a cellphone number inside the pbx so that when i redirect to an cellphone extension it use that number to call it?
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take a look at Elastix. http://www.elastix.org/

It's awesome! and free!  You need an old PC and you download and burn the ISO from their website and it will automatically reformat the PC and install linux and the elastix server.  Elastix is capable of redirecting calls like you need.  You can setup a voip account with a company like callcentric.com for pretty cheap or connect regular analog lines to the elastix server but you will need an expensive FXO card for that.  The voip route is pretty cheap, only a couple dollars a month.

http://elastixconnection.com/downloads/elastix_without_tears.pdf  That is a really good ebook about how to configure elastix.
You will need a desktop computer and a package such as AsteriskNow to set up a full VOIP telephony system. The AsteriskNow package is self-contained and will install not only the linux operatiing system, but all the software to configure and operate your telephony system. This will make it possible to set up extensions much like in a full pbx system, as well as make  available voice mail, fax server, Interactive Voice Response and other facilities.
After you download and install AsteriskNow, you will also need to download and install a softphone (such as the free XLite or Tpad) to be able to answer and make calls using your computer. Please remember that you will need to use, together with your softphone, a multimedia headset to improve the quality of the call - your computer speakers and microphone will provide a low quality and, sometimes, show interference.
Yes there is a way to integrate a cell phone line to your IP telephony system, but that will require the purchase of special hardware to allow the connection to your mobile telephone provider.
Please remember that many companies provide these facilities for a small fee and, therefore, you would skip all the trouble with configuration and maintenance. Skype, for instance, provides even the call forwarding you need and enbles you to choose the number displayed when you call someone.
By the way, if you did want to use your existing analog phone line for calling, you will need an FXO card like I mentioned.  I personally use a Digium 410p, it cost me about $250 or so.  Another option that is much less expensive for using analog lines is to search on eaby for a linksys product called an SPA-3102, probably only about $80 or so.  The linksys is an external router, not a PCI card like the digium card and it connects to your elastix server through your LAN.  It does however have slightly less desireable performance (echo and other issues) than the more expensive digium card.

Or, like I said you could use the fully voip option and use whats called a SIP account from someone like callcentric (who i use).  Then all you need is an old PC (something like a pentium 3 class or better should work) and no other special hardware.

You can also purchase SIP phones to register with your elastix server.  I personally use the SPA-942 which can be found on Ebay for under $100 each used usually.  You can also use a normal analog telephone if you have that SPA-3102 device I mentioned but you will have less features than a SIP phone.
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edgaralfonzoAuthor Commented:
What are the differences between asteriskNow and Elastix?

I see two items similar of what you exposed jet46 about the digium item here, in wich case i should use the T1/E1: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Digium+410p&x=0&y=0 

jalexandres: which equipmen are you referring to, in order to integrate the cellphone capability?
This is the one you would want if you are connecting regular analog lines http://www.amazon.com/Digium-TDM410P-Analog-PCI-Card/dp/B003AJMA8I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1271788788&sr=8-1

Not the T1 unless you have a T11.

Elastix and AsteriskNow are both based on Asterisk.  Asterisk is an open source, linux based PBX system.  But Asterisk has no GUI (graphical user interfac) so all configuring is done through configuration files which is impossible for someone without extensive linux knowledge.  

Elastix and AsteriskNow both provide a GUI interface that you access via a web browser from another computer on your LAN by typing in the servers IP address.  I personally prefer Elastix pver AsteriskNow because Elastix is much more widely used than AsteriskNow so there is MUCH more community support for it and is also very similar to yet another distribution of asterisk called Trixbox.  So if you get stuck and need help, you can find a forum for either Trixbox or Elastix for support since they are substantially similar.  

Now the Digium card I told you about, they call it a "wild card" and what that means is that it can be configured in various ways.  The 410p itself won't allow you to just plug your phone in and work.  There are various FXO or FXS cards you will need to install onto the 410 card to make it work.  They run about $40-$100 each.

What I reccomend before you do anything is read the Elastix Without Tears.  It will answer most if not all of your questions.  There is A LOT to know about setting up your own PBX.  You willa lso need to learn a little about how linux works.  I started toying with it just about 6 months or so ago and it took me 2 or 3 months to gain a pretty in depth knowledge of it.
To integrate cellphone capabilities do your IP-based telephony system you will either need to add a GSM PCI card to your computer such as DuMV@PCI (http://www.portech.com.tw/p3-product1.asp?Cid=7) or add an appliance such as 2N Voice Blue Lite (http://www.2n.cz/en/products/gsm-gateways/voip/voiceblue-lite/) to be able to connect to your mobile network.
Both solutions will work properly and make it possible for you to benefit from your present mobile phone plan, thus reducing costs.
I just remembered another supplier of GSM PCI Cards: OpenVox (http://www.openvox.cn/products/list.php?catid=62&lang=2).
If I am understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you just want an extension to ring a cell phone, correct?  Basically forwarding callers to your cell phone?  You shouldn't need any special equipment to do that.

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edgaralfonzoAuthor Commented:
yes it is, i can see a lot of excellent information between you guys :D.... lamentably those cards are tow expensive! because i just need a card just with one slot for the sim card....
edgaralfonzoAuthor Commented:
more than good swell. sorry i couldn't give you more points, but i think both of you were very very good :D.
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