Dynamic Download Link Using Hash Expiration


I want to ask what is the best way to have the link to a file expire after a set time, so that the user gets sent a download link via email which they only have access to for say 24 hours. I would prefer to use a hash tag instead of a web.config global setting or cookie. So that the system sends you a new hash like:

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Why not just do it the way you suggested?  Just take the current time to ticks then use a basic hash such as base64 to create a somewhat obscured url.  Someone could reverse engineer it if they wanted but this method would be easy if the information wasn't very sensitive.

Sorry, I posted to a wrong question. Please ignore it.
Generate a random unique ID using System.Guid and store it  with time generated in database or XML file.

Write an IHttpHandler  which accepts the Guid as query string. Also check the expiry time of the Guid in the HttpHandler and use Response.TransmitFile  to write the specified file directly to the HTTP response if Guid is not expired.

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