Changing order of Group Policy Preferences

Hello all,

I have created a simple GPO preference for Drive Mappings under User Configuration/Preferences/Windows Settings/Drive Maps. Want to know how to change the order of the drive map processes without deleting them and recreating them in the correct order. I want to move some of my Create before Replace.  Anyone have an idea? Also, is there any GPO preference that can create a banner on logon? Thanks,

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HI, can you screen dump the current order of the drive mappings, and explain the change you are wishing to make?
forums712Author Commented:
Attached is the screen of the drive mappings using Group Policy preferences. How do I move the order. Currenlty i have to create the whole thing again if i dont put a process in the right order. Thanks,

Sorry, I don't think I can help you, I miss-understood your question.  The way I assign drive mappings through GPO is totally different, as I only assign one drive per GPO.

Please see my answer to this question for more info on how I do it
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See the green arrow in the screen shot? Select the drive you want to move up & click it. Or you can click the down arrow.
it is on your toolbar at the end.
forums712Author Commented:
hi hutnor, have you used this before? That green arrow is and indicator that the Preference is using the Create option with Red meaning Replace. There are not arrows to move the processes up and down. Anyone else know? Thanks,
I did not mean them arrows.

In your image say you want to move drive L above drive J? To do this you are deleting all the drives & then adding them again? This is how I understand your question.


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forums712Author Commented:
hutnor, my apologies. that did it. I dont know how i missed those arrows but that is exactly what i wanted to do, thank you!!!!
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