extending T1 circuit - LEC or inside wiring contractor?

I'm in the process of setting up a point to point T1 connection between our office and our web colo provider, located in a large carrier hotel.  The LEC installed the colo circuit in that building's meet me room.  I asked for the circuit to be extended to the NOC where our servers are located in that building, but the T1 provider responded with this:

"On this side of the house, we cannot ask the local telco to extend the wire. You can wait till the tech is there and ask if it can be done but if he says no then you are stuck.

You might be able to call [LEC] and ask if they can do it and they will bill you separately, or there are many outside contractors that do telephone wiring. I believe the best way would be to hire a contractor to do the wiring for you."

Is this normal?  I'm working with our colo provider to bring in a contractor to extend the wiring, but our colo provider says they've never had to do this, and it's a bizarre request.

I've read on another forum that the LEC could do this if pushed, and if "special access" is requested.  I'm not sure if I should push our service provider to push the LEC, or if it's time to let this go.  I do worry that if there are problems down the road, our T1 provider can blame the work done by the contractor, and troubleshooting will be complicated by that.

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I will say in my experience yes it is normal.

We paid our LEC to setup trunk wiring from the telco closet in the basement up to our data center years ago.  Since it was just a short run to the 66 blocks they would just extend it automatically.  However something changed and they stopped so we had to paying for it.  It was cheaper to higher a 3rd party than it was to pay the LEC.

Only problem now is the 3rd party runs wire for line we have extended because we have not been able to schedule time for him and the guy from the LEC that handles our site to go over what is run where on the LEC wiring.

It does not matter who runs the wire.  We have had problems with our LEC run extensions and they say that it although they ran it, the warranty on it was for 1 year and that expired about 19 years ago.
First off, if it is a Colo site, then there should be telco access to the NOC and the Colo site should have dictated to the local telco where to install the terminating equipment (smartjack), and secondly, the colo provider should be able to either extend that demarc to your equipment rack, or at least have a wiring contractor on speed-dial that you can pay to do it for you.

If this is the only telco entrance to the building, then the Colo should have multiple 25-pair cables already ran to their facility from that room. You cannot be the only customer they have that needs a T1, and you cannot be the first company this particular telco installed a T1 for in this colo facility.

It is typical for a telco to require that you run any inside wiring from their premises equipment to your rack. Easy part is that is is just a standard, simple CAT5 run with a biscuit block at each end. Short cat5 patch cable from biscuit block to the smartjack, and short cat5 patch cable from biscuit block to your router. Make sure it tests good end-end with cat5 certifier tester, and you should never have to worry about it.

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This is nothing special the Telco in most cases run wire to the demarcation point and stop. Just get a contractor to extend your demarc to the NOC.

It is all about liability for the telco they have enough wire they are responsible for. No need to add to it by starting a cabling business.  
You know lrmoore is right.  If you are in a colo they do typically provide the inside wiring for you.  

My point was that the LEC will typically not extene the DMARC for you automatically, you have to take care of getting that done.  Either run it yourself, contract with 3rd party, or contract with LEC.

However, in a colo, they should provide this for you.
j_aebiAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks all.  The colo does indeed have a panel in the meet me room of this building that connects to their NOC room, where our servers are.  I basically just need for (someone!  ha) to pull from the smartjack to the colo's panel in the MMR, and then from the colo's NOC panel to our rack in that space.  It sounds like I'm getting a bit stuck between the T1 provider and LEC saying "no, you are responsible for inside wiring," and the colo saying "no, the LEC should have agreed to extend this."

Thanks for clarifying.  The colo is agreeing to "research"  the possiblity of a 3rd party contractor doing this work, so I will continue to push in that direction.
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