Word 2007, English (Canada) missing from list of dictionaries

Windows XP, Office 2007.

In this office of about 40 PCs, 35 function correctly.  However, there are about 5 computers that have a specific issue:

When going into Word Options, Proofing, Custom Dictionaries.

In the Dictionary Language pull-down, only English (US) appears.  I need English (Canada) to appear on this list, as it does on the other 35 machines here.

I have attached a picture of the screen shot, to better describe what I am talking about.

I am guessing the specific question is: how do I add that dictionary to the list of available dictionaries?


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tnormanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.  The issue turned out a little different, in that there was a registry entry created that prevented the spell check from running.  It looked like a 'dictionary' issue, but it turned out not so.  Thanks again for your time.


MS Office > Ms Office Tools > Ms Office207 language settings > Add English Canada
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Consider doing an Office Repair (Offfice Diagnostics) and see if that brings it back. There is not a readily obvious spot to add just the pre-programmed dictionary you want. If that does not work, take one of the machines in question and uninstall/restart/reinstall Office 2007 (taking care to do a custom install and make sure proofing tools are added). See where that takes you and go from there.

I can see what you want as the option is there on my Office 2007 installation.  ... Thinkpads_User

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See this MS help topic which gives two solutions. I think number 2 would work for you, where you can import the dictionary from another computer (one of the ones that is working) so that you get English (Canada) on those five "missing" systems:


Then you should have the Canada (English) version available to those systems!

Hope this helps,
or open Word > type text > Ctrl+A > Click proofing errors button at bottom > Choose language > choose set Language > select English Canada > ok
Sorry, misread....try installing SP2...did you run all installs from a customized deployment...or were these done manually..?
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