How to move a dhcp server on 2003

I need to move my dhcp server from one DC to another.  I tried today by going into dhcp and running a backup, and then on the new one opening dhcp and running an import.  After this I authorized the new machine and deauthorized the old one.  After this my machines could not obtain an IP address.  Am I missing a step?  Do I need to update something or stop the service on the old server?  I thought that was all i needed to do.  Please help.
Tim LewisNetwork ManagerAsked:
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Tim LewisConnect With a Mentor Network ManagerAuthor Commented:
I was able to get it to work today using the recommend MS way to move the database.  Don't know why it didn't work yesterday.
IT-Monkey-DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is pretty easy to do, no real migration required (in the sense of moving the IP lease data etc.).  Install & configure the DHCP role on the new server.  Make sure you configure it to check for IP conflicts before it issues new IPs.  Then authorize the new DHCP server and deactivate the old one.  The clients will find the new server and adapt.
There may be a more complicated way to do an actual migration but this procedure works, have done it a couple of times with no trouble whatsoever.
Do you have a link to the official MS procedure?
Tim LewisNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
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