need cd autorun html page without security warning or activex bar

I'm trying to open an HTML file on CD autorun and have it sized, no scrollbars, etc.. WITHOUT having any security popups or activex bar warnings. Any executables or bat files out there capable of launching a customized window? i've also tried the following but get errors, is something like this still possible(passing javascript to iexplore exe)?

Something like this perhaps:


@start iexplore.exe javascript:resizeTo(1024,240);moveTo(0,0); document.location.href="index.htm"
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This isnt controllable by code, it is contorlled by the IE security settings of the machines you are trying to run this on......

You might be able to get away with it if the user has admin rights, and in the bat file you created a "reg add" command to change the "Allow active content to be run in My Computer" option.....

Kinda defeats the purpose of having that option there if you can easily disable it....If you are trying to do this to package your CD for delivery to customers, I wouldnt mess with it, as you dont want to be responsible for toying with thier security settings....

You could get yourself a copy of IE portable and put it onto the cd (if you have enough space). Configure the security settings for portable IE as you wish then get autorun.inf to run IE from the cd so the settings are the same for every machine you put the cd into.

IE Portable

Kiosk mode in IE will show a full screen with no toolbars. Change  /IE/IExplore.exe to point to iexplore on the cd. Change URLto.htm to point to the htm file you want to run.


open=/IE/IExplore.exe -k URLto.htm


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