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I am currently working on a VMWare machine running Windows 7 and I am looking for a way to backup some of the folders that contain my work by the hour to a USB drive.  
I have found some software programs to do this however before i jump in and download one i wanted to ask a few questions as i have no knowledge in this area.
1 is there a program that you would suggest?
2 what happens if the USB is not plugged in when the program is ready to backup?
3 there are only at most 4 folders that i want to backed up.
4 is there another way of creating my backup system other than using one of these softwares? (i do not want my computer connected to a network)

Please keep in mind that this is a Virtual Machine running Windows 7 incase that has any effect.

Thanks for all the help
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1 -syncback :
2- if it is not plugged in, it will error out -no backup
3-no problem, you can select whatever you wish to backup
4-not sure what you mean...clarify please !

i add that i did not test syncback on VM

Use windows 7 BAckup and Restore.
go to this chapter

if you didint plugged the USB drive, the backup will fail and it will resume once you plug the drive

4_DwarvesAuthor Commented:
this seems to be what i am after however before i down load this program does it have the feature to be able to set it to backup hourly? sorry i didnt mention that originally also ignore condition 4

thanks for your input but as i've just said i forgot to outline that i want to backup hourly and the windows system doesn't provide that feature

thanks guys
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there is a free version too for home users - you can download that, and test...
kparazakConnect With a Mentor Commented:

there is possibility of hourly backup in Windows 7. Please read this article.

4_DwarvesAuthor Commented:
both acceptable solutions
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