Qnas, SAN, DataCorp SanMelody

I would like to run a VMWare environement using shared storage. My options are as follows:

Each would have two for redundency:
1. QNas TS-809-U-Pro (cost approx $2500 configured with 4TB)
2. DataCorp SanMelody (this would run on a Windows Server 2008 machine) (Cost about the same)
3. Another option that is comparably priced SAN that you recommend. (I don't want a high end SAN from IBM, DELL or HP which costs around $5-10K similarly configured).

Please let me know the following:
1. Which SAN do you recommend and why?
2. How would you configured it?
3. What type of NIC cards would you use?
4. What switch would you use?

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I personally like what Dell has to offer. Hardware is priced good, works well, and outstanding support. They have pretty good SEs available to help you plan your rollout if needed.

1) Dell- has multiple options. Really depends what your planning to put on your VMs. Check out: http://www.dell.com/us/en/business/storage/iscsi/ct.aspx?refid=iscsi&s=bsd&cs=04

2) For redundancy, RAID 5, 6, or 10. Again, it depends what you plan to put on your VMs as to which drives you need.

3) Dual port, redundant Nics would suffice. iSCSI connections should suffice unless you plan on hosting dbase servers.

4) Dell for budget, Cisco if you have extra money.  
akivashapiroAuthor Commented:
The price for the Dell's start at $5K empty. I don't have the budget for three of these.  You don't like the QNAP?
I have never used, but they have good reviews. For that level, I would suggest one of the drobo products:

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akivashapiroAuthor Commented:
I looked at it just now. The feature set doesn't compare. Thanks for the advice though.

Anyone else out there with experience with QNAP?
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Check with VMware on HCL.  If it's on the HCL it will work, the only thing I would recommend is make sure you have a good backup and SAS drives.

The advantage of Dell, HP SANs is that you have the options of dua controllers, if your controller fails on the QNAP or a NAS in general you will lose all your VMs until you have it fixed (days).  If you can handle the RTO and RPO than it may be a viable solution
akivashapiroAuthor Commented:
Unless I'm running redudent QNAPs, no?
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
The overriding factor is VMware HCL.  If you run into issues and you call VMware you want to make sure it's supported otherwise they may or may not be able to assist you.  If you're doing a NAS you also want to check if it supports NFS and iSCSI, this will give you more flexibility for your VMs.

I believe the question we're missing is what are you trying to virtualize, IOPS of the systems, and how much downtime can you handle if issues arise.  
akivashapiroAuthor Commented:
Qnap is VMWare ready.

Does anyone have experience on the QNAP TS-809-U-RP?


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