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I have a 500Gb Toshiba USB hard drive which works fine on 2 of my 3 windows 7 machines. The drive was fine untill earlier today, when trying to access music files using media center all files suddenly disapeared.The drive is no longer in "My Computer", In device manager there is now an unknown device with an exclamation, properties show Code 43, all other devices work ok in all USB ports, I have tried all  the USB "Y" cable using 2 ports to power the drive ( no change)
The drive works perfectly using a single USB port on my P4 PC and Celeron laptop, all my machines currently run Windows 7 Ultimate
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Possible solutions;

1- Try removing the device driver from the device manager and restart the system, without connecting the device to system. Now connect and check.
2- Try connecting on different usb ports, as sometime it allocates similar port for connectivity of the device.
3- Try reversing the both ends of the cable, only if you have a cable with both sides as similar USB pins.
4- If the device works perfectly on other systems as you said then copy the driver from that system and replace it over the corrupted PC driver.
5- Right click on the driver and try updating it using internet from the microsoft site.

Hope that might helps, drive more explanations if the problem persists.
Here a list of things to try :
-in device manager>view tab, click "show hidden devices" and delete all usb entries and hidden devices,  reboot and test
-from Device manager scan for new hardware
-then you can download the latest drivers for the chipset, and reinstall it to update the USB root hubs
-start>run>diskmgmt.msc      check if the usb devices show up in disk management, then run :   start>run>services.msc
In the listing look for removable storage service.
If it is set to Auto, and not started, then start it : click the Start link in the top left...
-In c:\windows\inf, look for usbstor.inf    -  If it is not there, you can copy it from another PC..When you find it, right click it and select Install
RhinovenomAuthor Commented:
Many thanks guys, its simple when you know what you are doing. All appears to be working fine
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