Deploying printers in mixed Server environment

I am wanting to deploy printers from a Windows 2008 Standard Printer Server to XP clients in a Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory Domain. On my 2008 Std Print Server, I followed step 5 of this technet document; 
but it is not working....
Do i need to run PushPrinterConnections.exe from a login script in this GPO?
Do my Domain controllers need the Print Server Role?
What am I missing?
Thanks for your help!
keamalsaSystem AdministratorAsked:
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Mike KlineCommented:
I agree with using Group policy preferences,

overview of GPP here

and a blog directly related to printers

You have a 2008 box, so you can use GPP.


While this does not directly answer your question, I would highly recommend checking out the Client Side Extensions available from Microsoft. They make it significantly easier to deploy printers, it just requires a little more legwork.
You can tell the users to use to add printer & browse to the printers on your server.

Otehrwise - How long ago did the GPO get set? run a gpupdate on the server(s) & restart the clients
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keamalsaSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I created a test GPO in  early afternoon today. I was used as a test user in the GPO. I linked the GPO to an OU that my user account is in. After about 3 hours, and running a gpupdate /force on my PC, plus logging out and back into the domain, it was not working as I left work for the day. I have about 300 users spread over 10 remote location that i want to push out various printers to. My user base has many, many novice users, many of whom who have very little computer skills. The point of the whole exercise is to eliminate or minimize support calls to our help desk. I want this to be transparent to the users so that the printers just "appear" in their printers list.
"I followed step 5 of this technet document"
Did you do step 1 to 4 before doing step 5?
Other GPOs may be getting applied over the top of the printer GPO. Make sure the printer GPO is getting applied.

You can always run a GP resaults &/or modeling test on your username & PC that your logging onto & see if they are applied.
It can be found in the group policy management tool.

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