jquery change event not working with IE6

It is indeed quite unfortunate that my client still uses IE6.
using jquery 1.4.2

The problem is that I open a window using a click event and do some edit operation in the new window.
I have a 'change' event attached to the row of a table which has input fields. Now when the window loads for the first time and I make a change in the input for the FIRST time, the change event does not fire. however, on a second try it starts working.
I have noticed that I e.g. I run a dummy page, i.e. create a new page(i work with visual studio) and run that page individually , the 'change' event works just fine.

what it going on? and what can i do, besides going back to 1.3.2 (by the way that doesn't work either, but haven't fully tested it yet)
<table id="tbReadData">
<tr class="nenDataRow" id="nenDr2">
 <input type="text" class="nenMeterRegister"  value="1234" />
<tr />

<script type="text/javascript">
 $('#tbReadData').find('tr').change(function() {
alert('this works');

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It means the problem is not with the new version of JQuery, there is someother problem in your main page.

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I see no reason why this shouldn't work. It's hard to tell without seeing the code for your page. If you're able to do that, it will help a lot with debugging the issue.

A couple of points though,

No need to use .find(), you can simply use

$('#tbReadData tr').change(function() {

Also, I wouldn't attach the event to the tr anyway, you should attach it to the input elements themselves

$('#tbReadData input').change(function() {

It's unlikely that will actually resolve your issue, but it's worth a try!
a) what jquery version ?
b) does it work on FF ? even if your client use IE, try it on FireFox to see if it works and check the error console

By rights a table cell does not have a change event to fire. You need to bind to the actual form elements, try this
 $('#tbReadData :input').change(function() {
    alert('this works');

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manivineetAuthor Commented:
well its was a problem at my end
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