Problem with Server 2008 R2 Foundation

I have a problem with Server 2008 R2 Foundation. I get the following message:
Check for Licensing Compliance has failed
The server does not comply with the End User License Agreement (EULA) because it belongs to a domain that contain more
than 15 user accounts. If the server belongs to a domain, the EULA for this server permits a maximum of 15 user accounts. For more information, click Help.

We have more than  15 useraccounts, but this server shall operate like a workstation, and only a few user shall have access to it's shared folder. Autodesk Vault 2011 is about the only program that it shall contain.

But no matter what I do, this message pop up everytime I start the server, so I might have to upgrade to a "normal" server version.
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WindowsITAdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Windows Server Foundation can be used as an Active Directory server or domain controller, and can also join a domain as a member server or domain controller (but the 15 user limit still applies across Active Directory scenarios)". It's the same limit if it's a member server or a DC. See

You need to upgrade to a Standard Server.

Hope this helps.
hutnorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like above you can only have 15 user on the network in total. Does not matter if only one wants to use this server.

You can try remove some accounts & get back to 15 if possible.
You can upgrade to SBS it will be cheaper then standard. It will also get you a lot more features to take advantage of. (exchange, SQL)
You also may get a free copy of standard with SBS.

OculatusAuthor Commented:
Sorry i was a little vague, but I use SBS 2003 (will be upgraded this summer), so that is not an option, looks like I have to upgrade to standard, had several problems with the HP branded Foundation version. First one was with the builtin RAID on a ML110 G6 server, returned an errormessage no matter what RAID configuration I used. So I wont recommend Foundation to anyone.

But thanks a lot for clearing up this with me, I had my suspicions that I had to upgrade to Standard.
You are welcome. I don't recommend Foundation to anyone, if you have a little company use SBS, if not use Standard. I think is the best option.

Hope it helps.
This is really cheeky of Microsoft. Once again we are getting ripped off.
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