Combobox selecteditem in Solverlight WCF Ria Services project

I'm using VS2010 and SL4, and have added a comboxBox to my xaml page.

I've used ria services and dragged the source from the datasources list, onto the combobox. When I run the project, the combobox displays the correct list of names.

In code, I need to do two things:

1) Read the selecteditem of the comboxbox - Currently when I read the selecteditem.toString(), I get (tablename - 28(or22)), not the name that is displayed. This should be the name that is displayed in the combobox

2) I need to somehow add the Value to the combobox, as you could in ASP.NET, so I can retrieve the selecteditem,(Name) and the SelectedValue(Instance)

Is this possible?

<ComboBox Canvas.Left="63" Canvas.Top="130" Height="23" x:Name="comboMeters" Width="229" DisplayMemberPath="FriendlyName" ItemsSource="{Binding ElementName=meterListDomainDataSource, Path=Data}" >

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You need to cast the SelectedItem to the type which is represented by the datasource. Then you can get the values.

Check this link
wint100Author Commented:
in this example

What is the 'Name' property?
wint100Author Commented:
Oops, missed the class at the bottom of the page..

What about if I binding to a domainclass?
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