SBS2008 Could not configure the router

I have had this "fault" since the commencement of the server about 5 months ago. I would like to resolve this issue once and for all. When i run the fix network wizard this is what i get:

The server cannot open ports on the router. Ensure that ports 80,443 and 987 are opened and pointed to the IP Address on the server. If you are using e-mail, open port 25, and if you are using VPN, open port 1723.

Using CanYouSeeMe.Org i have checked that the ports on our IP address are infact open.

I also have intermittent internet connection, which happens every three days or so, could this be realted?

The router is a BT voyager 2500 HGV.

Any ideas, thanks
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
SBS 2008 will only be able to configure the router if it supports uPnP, which I would doubt if the BT router is capable of.

In terms of your connection dropping regularly, that is probably a DNS issue which I discovered on an SBS 2008 box I had too.

Check you have forwarders setup in your DNS servers on your box.
PadsurferAuthor Commented:
Sorry correction on the router it is a BT Voyager 2700 HGV
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