windows 2003 server emailserver


I have windows 2003 server installed.
I installed EMAIL SERVER AND Active Directory.
I use domain name for example.local on the windows server AD.
Email server works perfect on Local network.
my outlook outgoing and incomming server address,Lan Ip addresses.
But i would like to  use my laptop outlook outside local lan.
I know i need to create,But how?
can someone help me create this system?
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WindowsITAdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You first need to configure your router to redirect connections from the port 25 (SMTP) from the internet to your server. Afther that you need to talk with your ISP to publish a DNS register in Iternet like Yo will need to purchase a domain and then create the register.

I don't recommend you to directly connect your Mail server to Internet because of security risks. It's recommended that you install an ISA server or some type of Firewall between. Here you can find a good tutorial

Hope this helps.
sandybridgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think you need to access the exchange server remotely... so you can try configuring the exchange server as described step by step in the following URL:

Hope this helps. Thanks!
linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
Thanks for answers
I have directed my router to my account.By the way i have an account from ISP NO-IP
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