How to check for cyber surveillance

My employer has inserted Local Intranet Websites into my computer:
http://local host
Does this mean that he can log my keystrokes or in any way monitor my computer? How can I find out the owner of the computer whose IP address seems to be listed here?
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antony_kibble<!-8D58D5C365651885FB5A77A120C8C8C6-->Commented: is a default IP address for the local machine, and is the same for all computers.
By themselves these entries are benign, but I would imagine what he might be trying to do is stop you browsing the Internet.
The local sites are a loop back to your computer and your company will most likely be the owner! Try typing http://localhost and see what is displayed.Keyloggers are ubiquitous and may expose computers to cyber attack. Doing a Google for keyloggers and download to a private test machine for a simple test. (eg You can also write your own and capture all the data and send to a text file. See (
HubertSumlinAuthor Commented:
I have reason to believe that my emails have been monitored in the past via getting my password and logging on as me. Are there other obvious ways an adminstrator might (legally or illegally) do this than keylogging? I have Zonealarm Firewall. Does that offer me protection?
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hi! there as explained on all earlier posts are nothing but every systems default address put in simple words. If you type this in your browser or place it in your hosts file, you will be looped back to yourself. If you have installed some server like IIS then you will be greeted with a welcome screen or the default page that you have placed in Local Server Directory of IIS.

Now regarding you question whether you are monitored or not. for that you need to understand most of the commercially available monitoring softwares are application themselves. You should install some trusted Anti-Virus (AV) or Internet Security Suite! (Norton,Mcafee,KAspersky..etc) , these AV prevent the installation of any such application/software at the firsl place.

More over you can ascertain is there anything fishy! by manually examining all the running processes/applications/softwares and the locations/registry keys/files/internet addresses they are accessing.

Please download Process MonitorProcess Explorer  ..use these standalone programs to monitor all application and kill and remove any suspected one.
This approach will also be helpful in case your security software miss any malware/spyware.

Hope this helps in some way!

and yes obviously anyone using your computer including your administrator has access to all the saved passwords/Cache/History/Temp Files saved during normal browsing session. You should either use Browse Privately Option of your Browser or make sure you delete all data saved during your Browsing. Please mention your browser if you wish to have instructions on how to perform private browse or clean up on log off.
Sorry i missed out few things....If your employer is intentionally spying on you then installing an AV is obviously not an option with you , you should practice safe browsing tips mentioned above along with installing those free monitoring softwares (Process Monitor/Explorer) and hunt yourself any stealth/hidden activity behind you. Refrain from supplying any private/confidential info on such a compromised system unless you can successfully analyze & ascertain using Monitoring tools
If you're talking about your corporate email, then yes they can mose likely read them, and no, they probably don't even need your password for that. Is it legal? It is in the US, I don't know about the UK.
You should assume that your employer can see everything you're doing on that machine, and that they are within their rights to do so. Then act accordingly. Just don't do anything you don't want them to see.
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