How to get Zone information from CItrix server

Need help to get one information about Zone in citrix

I have a fram which has around 900 servers and few different zones are configured in that farm.

Is there any way to find out by loggina single server that from which zone that server belongs to. (Without logging to Presentations server console and search from there)

LIke any command line or any registry key which wil tell me that particular server belongs to which Zone.

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Try below command from any Citrix server: -

qfarm /zone
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
It will give the zone availble on tha farm. But that particular server belongs to which Zone data collector, that answer will not give.. I have checked.....
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
I have found it .. Thanks anyway for your time and Help

Here is the path

There we can find the Zone name..
then we can run qfarm / zone
it will show the respective zone data collector for that zone...
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
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