How to reapair a .pst file using VC++/C++/MFC/VB Code

hi all,
      i am developing an Application in VC++ in which i have to recover the emails deleted from microsoft outlook .pst file.

for that i change the 13 bits in file using hex editor starting from 7th position from starting, and then i reapair this file using Scanpst.exe then all deleted email recovered.

now please tell me how to repair the file using my code as similar as Scanpst.exe repairs.

or tell me any other ways so that i can find my deleted emails from pst file

thanking you
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>> or tell me any other ways so that i can find my deleted emails from pst file
Why not invoke scanpst.exe over the pst files from code? ShellExecute can help do that. PST is an undocumented format. If you check the plugins for Thunderbird and other open source email clients, you may find open source plugins that read and convert pst files into other formats, but those are very rare and hardly any that works flawlessly.
Repairing a pst is a different beast altogether and therefore you best bets are to integrate scanpst into your solution. If the redistribution policy permits you can even redistribute.
As for changing the bits in file, that can be done using simple File IO. I would do that using memory mapped files.
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