Silent installation for Adobe Flash Builder 4

Am trying to create a silent install for Adobe Flash Builder 4(Flex Builder Earlier).
Its unlike for FlexBuilder3 where in u create a install.xml and remove.xml  files respectively, using --record=1 commandline and use the following commandline to install
--Mode=silent Deploymentfile=install.xml file
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FauzanyousuffAuthor Commented:
Need silent install for Adobe Flash Builder 4 which is not same as CS4 applications.
Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Did you take a look how it's done with the previous version (Flex Builder 3)?
FauzanyousuffAuthor Commented:
Hi Criple, Have already tried almost all the possibilities but no success.
I was able to use the CS5 installation engine switches. Here is a link to adobe support site:

Creating silent installation/deployment files
Creative Suite 5 product silent installations require two files: an install.xml file and an application.xml.override file. The deployment folder can be located anywhere on your machine or network, but a convenient is in the Creative Suite 5 product installation folder, alongside the set-up application.

1. Create the installation file
Copy the file from the deploy folder on your installation media to the location where you want your deployment files stored.
Rename the file to install.xml.
2. Create the application.xml.override file
The application.xml.ov file is required for serialization during installation, registration suppression, End User License Agreement (EULA) suppression, and update suppression.

Open Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac OS).  
Copy the following text into the application:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Configuration><Payload adobeCode="{Product_Code}">
<Data key="Serial" protected="0">12341234123412341234</Data>
<Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data><Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data><Data key="EULADelay">-1</Data>  

Replace Product_Code with your product's code:
Navigate to <Installation source folder>\payloads.
Open setup.xml in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac OS).
Locate the <mediaSignature> tag.
Copy the alphanumeric product code between <mediaSignature> and </mediaSignature>.
Paste the copied code into the {Product_Code} value in the application.xml.override file.
Example: <Configuration><Payload adobeCode="{DE60F0DE-469A-42DC-A678-978313210057}">.

Replace 123412341234123412341234 with your serial number.  
Important:  Omit hyphens. Delete <Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data> to have the registration prompt display.  Delete <Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data> to have the Adobe Application Manager check for updates.
Save the file as application.xml.override in the deployment folder.
Important:  Make sure that application.xml.override does not have any additional extensions, such as .txt.  
Silently installing Creative Suite 5 products
Replace the path to the deployment file to the location you have stored your deployment files. This location may be the same as your Set-up application. If the location is the same you can use .\ on Windows or ./ on Macintosh before your file name.  

Important: In a command prompt, navigate to the folder containing the Set-up.exe.

Open a command prompt with administrative privileges or enter the command into the run/command line field in your deployment technology.  
Type Set-up.exe --mode=silent --deploymentFile="\\Server-name\CS5_Product_Folder\Deployment_Files\install.xml" --overrideFile="\\Server-name\CS5_Product_folder\Deployment_Files\application.xml.override" and press Enter.

Optional settings
The following options can be added to the end of the command line:

--overrideFile="<Deployment files source path>\application.xml.override"
This option allows you to pre-serialize, supress EULA, supress updates, or supress registration.
--installSourcePath="<Installation source path>"
This option will allow you to specify where the installation source files are stored.
The action option allows you to specify whether you want to run an install  or uninstall. The installer will run in install mode if no option is specified. Replace <value> with one of the following options to specific a mode: install and uninstall.
Silent installation exit codes
The Creative Suite 5 installation provides the following exit codes upon completion. For help resolving errors, see "Troubleshoot install errors using Creative Suite 5 install logs (cpsid_84451).

Error code
 Numeric value
No error
Unable to parse command line
Unknown UI mode specified
Unable to initialize ExtendScript
UI Workflow failed
Unable to initialize UI workflow
Silent workflow completed with errors
Unable to complete Silent workflow
Exit with restart needed
Unsupported OS version
Unsupported File system
Another instance running
CAPS integrity error
Media optimization failed
Insufficient privileges
Media DB Sync Failed
Failed to load the Deployment file
EULA Acceptance Failed
C3PO Bootstrap Failed
Conflicting processes running
Install source path not specified or does not exit
If version of payloads is not supported by version of RIB
Install Directory check failed
System Requirements Check failed check failed
Exit User Canceled Workflow
Any binary path Name exceeding Operating System's MAX PATH limit
Media Swap Required in Silent Mode
Keyed files detected in target
Base product is not installed
Base product has been moved
Insufficient disk space to install the payload + Done with errors
Insufficient disk space to install the payload + Failed
The patch is already applied
Catastrophic error

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