Onenote notebook fails Sync over Sharepoint HTTPS


I have an SBS 2008 server running sharepoint which I want to use to store my Onenote notebooks on. I have a certificate for the web address and onenote will see the document store so I can create the notebook. The folder for the notbook is made on Sharepoint but after that it refuses to sync with the following message -

OneNote cannot sync this notebook. An error occurred while communicating with the
Web server where the notebook is stored. (Error code: 0xE000076C)

I am using Onenote 2007 on Windows 7 which both have the latest updates. I have also tried it on an XP machine running the 2010 beta with the same problem/error code.

Any ideas?

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two more questions, did you try to access the onenote using wihtout SSL? Additionally did you configure your SharePoint with an alternate access mapping for SSL? Also see if this post helps:
what kind of certificate are you using? If this is a self signed certificate or the certificate verification fails due to URL mismatch Office is likely to refuse the URL because it can't prompt you for the certificate. If you enter the URL using your browser are you getting the red IE warning "if you want to continue to the website"?
greenonredAuthor Commented:
The certificate is purchased and installed on the server so if I browse to the web address in IE it doesn't have any problems.
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