iis stop running server still up ?

I have a 2003 enterprise exchange server that once in a while stops running iis and mail flow. I have created a batch file to restart services but am not happy because i need to find out what is causing it. I have no errors in the event viewer any ideas ? Thank you ahead of time !
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Try updating your .NET Framework to latest version. Aslo check if there are any stale worker processes running.
This may occur is your IIS is crashing unexpectedly, this will take your SMTP down affecting mail flow. You should see some event ID logged in the Application log stating the faulting module. Many times I have seen problem caused by Exchange-Aware Antivirus or spam filter application.
Further, check processes in taskmanager and I guess you should see "inetinfo.exe" disappearing from the list after IIS crashes.
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Do you have any ActiveSync clients connecting to the server:
Have a look at installing http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970103

I have seen ActiveSync clients kill IIS (inetinfo.exe) when trying to synch a corrupt message, the hotfix above sorts it out.
Niko6323Author Commented:
Mega i still get activ sync errors this could be the fix but when is there next service pcak ?
No idea, I don't think MS will be doing any more service packs for Exchange 2003 as it is so old.
You can download that hotfix straight from that link I sent you.
Niko6323Author Commented:
Will the fix break other things thow ?

If you are scared then install the  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/977720 (Dec 2009 DST update) hotfix instead because that contains later versions of the same files and has been installed by a lot more people.
Niko6323Author Commented:
Ok guys back to square one the same problem alot of imap errors in the event viewer. Server up iis services and mail flow stops ? Help !
Did you install 970103 or 977720?

What event are you seeing logged regarding IIS? Does the inetinfo process die or w3wp?
Do you receive/send mails with UTF8 (Japanese) characters? Have a look at this activesync fix:
Also have a look in the IIS logs and see if a specific user is causing IIS to die:
IIS logs should be under C:\Windows\system32\logfiles\W3SVC1 if you can't see your usernames then you might need to make the server log it by going into IIS Manager, Default Web Site-->Properties-->"Web Site" tab-->Properties button under "Enable Logging"-->Advanced tab-->then select all the options

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Niko6323Author Commented:
Mega i see the logs what am i not suppose to see ?
Niko6323Author Commented:
Error 0x7da occurred while rendering message 005-000000121f8ee for download for user joesmoe@yourhouse.org

Event id 1023
Do you have a lot of IMAP users?
Niko6323Author Commented:
Mega about 3 or 4
In the IIS logs see if the time that IIS fails ties up with a specific username, note though that the time in the IIS log file can be GMT/UTC and not the server time. You can verify that by looking at the latest entry in the IIS log and verify if it is the same hour/time as what you have on that server.
Thanks for the points. Did you end up installing hotfix 977720?
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