Mssqlserver 2005 msdb system database

My msdb is 10.6 gb and I cannot  backup it up because I get a time-ou,I set the query execution to 0 but still having the problem. I tried to execute the sp_delete_backuphistory sp_purgejobhistory sp_maintplan_deletelog but nothing seems to work I still get a "time-out occured while waiting for buffer latch type 2 for page(1;708)
I tried to do dbcc shrinkfile('msdblog', 5000) but I got "Time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 3 for page (1:708), database ID 4." I seems to try everything but nothing seems to work,can someone please help me. Thanks.
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Look @ this:

Eugene ZCommented:
try to run dbcc checkdb

and check
Description of common causes of SQL Server error  message 844 or error message 845
Eugene ZCommented:
looks like you need to adjust your sql server configuration..

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