Black Screen, ASUS Laptop

I recently left my ASUS Laptop unattended for 2 hours up in the attic, I'm 99% sure noone went up and previously have always put to sleep (Vista). When I returned PC Doc Pro v5 had run and found 1400 (sic) errors. I guess it self-activated. I pressed "Fix" and the laptop ran the best ever. But shutdown took a long, long time. Next day, booting up hardly happened: it ran the first "running-bar" of Microsoft, and came up with the "ASUS" banner, but settled on a black screen with 2 screensavers. I left it like this for a long time:no change. Trying F2,F8,F12: the dialogue comes up but choosing "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" eg just takes me to a black screen. I have a recovery disk, but will lose all my hard drive (does this include programs ?). I'm trying to get a Vista disk to do a repair/ you think that'll work ?
I'm surprised at PC Doc Pro starting never has before.
I'm surprised at 1400 errors....running PC Doc Pro on this DELL linked by ethernet in parallel to the ASUS (which is also wireless), I got 350 errors.
I would welcome advice....I'm finding it hard to locate a Vista disk.
Thanks in advance,
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I may be be incorrect, but I strongly think personally that it is a malware if its asking you to pay to fix erors or anything like that.

I would HIGHLY recommend to do system restore and rollback changes to bring it back to life.
Ok, it may not be possibel to do system restore, another option is to take HDD out and put it an enclosure, connect to another pc and run virus/malware/spyware check on it.
mart4242Author Commented:
Thank you, Netpro7. Is "HDD" "hard disk drive" ? When you say, "put it in an enclosure", could you tell me what you mean by "an enclosure" and why I should put the HDD in one ? Is there a risk that I might contaminate the other computer ? Sorry for all the questions....I'm new to this. Thanks for your help,
Yes, you are correct HDD = Hard Disk Drive, By enclosure I meant external casing for HDD for example:-
HDD enclosure

removed hdd insert in that casing > plug into another computer > while inserting press and hold shift which prvents autorunning of any malware (if your hdd is infected) > the manualy scan whole of the drive by going to windows explorer> right click on your drive > scan

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There is no risk in doing so as long as you are comfortable in doing so. takes less than 3 minutes to remove HDD depending on the type of your laptop.

If you put it an enclosure atleast you will be able to recover you data from it by simply navigating to it.
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