Windows 7 User Accounts

I stuffed up when creating my User account on Windows 7 Pro. I change the My Docucments etc. folder location, I then realised that the drive partion assignment letter was wrong, when I changed this is broke the links. I therefore created a new user and started the location move again. Behind the scenes the user name folder now has  "_2"  appended and this is causing me a problem with an XP PC accessing the shared resources on the Win 7 PC.

Is there a quick way to change the user account name and all its related links or do I have to create a new user with the correct name and go through the complete relocation process again and copying all the data therein?
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
When you right click on My Documents - select Restore Defaults - does it fix the problem?
If not then create new user with correct name.

I dont understand what is the problem with the xp machine since you can choose the shared name you want even if the folder is called obama you can shared it with the name ahmadinejad (with a right click on it -> properties -> sharing -> advanced sharing -> check the box "share this folder" -> and choose the name you want, do not forget to give the right permissions) .
The only prolem is if you have already a shared folder with the desired name. In this case you can right click in Computer then manage -> shared folders -> right click in the folder with the desired name and stop sharing.

you are done!

Maybe im in the wrong direction?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
called obama you can shared it with the name ahmadinejad - LOL =))))
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ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
The changing of the location and then changing the drive letter really seemed to confuse Win7, so I did create a new user ...that's when the connection problems started as the new user name has _2 appended to it and I didn't want to have to provide user and password between machines.

I did solve the issue of connection and sharing, using Homegroup and ensuring all machine belong to the same named workgroup then creating another user of the correct name.

But I have heaps of data and files in the 'My' Foldesr, structured my desktop and alike in the _2 user and want to know if there's a way to rename the _2 user and all its associated links so that I dont have to keep the second user account.
If you type in the search box control userpasswords2. You can totally remove the first account from the computer. Then you go to the advanced tab manage users and rename the username

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ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
I am running Win7 Pro and dont seem to have userpasswords2 .... I even tried looking in GodMode and it's not there. Any CLues PC-Master?
"control userpasswords2"
ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
Nothing of that name either

sorry, you need to type it at the command line (this is new in the 7)
ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
Got the Control userpasswords2 to work from a cmd window and have removed and renamed the accounts. However they both still exist in the USERS directory but do not present themselves as available for login.

Fortunately I created another admin user before rebooting so I can access parts of the machine but not the data in the supposedly deleted account nor the renamed account.

So at the moment my desired user and desktop etc seem to be locked out. I did try to recreate using the same name from control panel but this says the name is invalid.

I must be missing something - any other ideas how to get this back PC-Master?

You rename the username_2 to username?

Did you try to login typing the username?

You don't need to touch the folders inside the users folder.
ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
Yes I delete then rename.

The very first time of rebooting afterthe renaming it did present a blank user, I typed in the renamed user and then created another user as I found this suspious.

Now I do not get the opportunity to type a user name nor switch users as the system seems to think the only account is the new user ...not the old accounts in either form.

The system must know about the renamed account as this is used within my home network and other pc's can use the credentials to access shared folders.

It's as if the old accounts are locked in someway.
ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
I have solved the problem created around the renaming of the user account.

Booted the machine in safe mode, went to users and checked the profiles my renamed user existed but ONLY in the HomeGroup Group. Changed the group to Administrator and rebooted.

The account is now visible and everything seems to be in working order.

Thanks for the oringinal pointers PC-master.
ynot8669OwnerAuthor Commented:
While the solution kinda worked things got complicated by HomeGroup .... found the solution to that part myself.
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