ADODB.RecordSet and Combobox's

I have the following code to create a record set in a form

Dim db As New ADODB.Connection
Dim dbConString As String = "Provider=sqloledb;server=sql1;uid=itregister;pwd=%T6y7u8i9o;database=itregister"

Dim rsCompany As New ADODB.Recordset
rsCompany.Open("SELECT * FROM Company", db)

I want to set the properties of a combobox using this recordset. I have used the following code

comboboxCompany.ValueMember = rsCompany.Fields("CompanyRef").Value
comboboxCompany.DisplayMember = rsCompany.Fields("CompanyName").Value

When i testand i click the dropdown arrow on the combobox nothing happens. I am new to using ADODB i have always used tableadapters. What am i doing wrong?

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ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
This code is in the Form load even
Add this too

comboboxCompany.DataSource = rsCompany
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
I did try that but i got the following error

Complex DataBinding accepts as a data source either an IList or an IListSource
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comboboxCompany.DataSource = rsCompany.Tables(0)
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
Now i get

Public member 'tables' on type 'RecordSetClass' not found
Alfred A.Commented:
Just a suggestion, why don't you convert your RecordSet into a Dataset and then use this DataSet as your data source, so that you would not get the IList/IListSource issue.

Check this out:

I hope this helps.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
This might be a daft question, but if you've been using TableAdapters before, why are you now taking a step back and using ADODB?
Alfred A.Commented:
Yeah.  I agree with @carl_tawn.  Why are you still using ADODB when there are other powerful data access tools available in .NET and since you are using TableAdapters already?
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
I was using it because for some reason VS2008 was loading ever tableadapter that i used in my project into the project toolbar - this was seriousley slowing down the loading time for a form when trying to open it in VS.

I found a fix for this and have therefore gone back to using table adapters...

Tools > Options > Windows Form Designer> General > Auto Toolbar Populate = FALSE

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Is the problem sorted?
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
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