sql tempdb usage on multi core system

id i create a tempdb for each core, is there anything else i need to tell sql so it knows to use all of them?
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gothamiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can only create one tempdb database per SQL instance. However you can have multiple data files for tempdb, which guidelines suggest you should have roughly 1 of per 2 CPU cores if you have 8 or more cores or 1 file per core if you have less than 8.

You don't need to tell SQL to use them other than adding the data files to tempdb.
You cannot create a tempdb for each core?!  Where did you find the setting?
SQL Server automatically uses all cores on the system by default, except for Express that will only use 1.
malraffAuthor Commented:
thats what i meant gothamite, and already done,

so basically sql will not see the 4 data files within tempdb and utilise them over the 4 processors?
Correct. When you execute a query, SQL doesn't take into account the number of data files. However you may notice different performance with more or less files for different query.
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