MS SQL Express Warning:

I started an installation of MS SQL Express on a SBS 2008 64-bit OS. MS SQL Server 2008 is already installed as the back end for another application.

when I started the SQL Express installation, the System Configuration Check gave me one warning: version registration requirement
Failed to find version registration with Microsoft Internet Information Services.

When I googled the warning, it says that it has to do with the Reporting services. If I go on and accept the warning and continue the installation, will I not have Reporting services and how will this affect the end result of SQL Express being used as the back end for AVG Admin Console?

thanks in advance!
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Just been browsing through the AVG website, and it looks like AVG just uses the database part.

Given that there are a couple of different databases it uses, I doubt that any reporting would be reliant on a specific reporting function.

Which version are you using ? Are you installing it yourself, or part of the AVG download ? AVG can also use the existing server - it will create its own database. Might be worthwhile clarifying your installation issues with AVG support. Seems to be a pretty responsive company...
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