Implementing ITIL in SME as support engineer.

Hi All,

Can anyone share your success story regarding ITIL in your work place and how does it affect your daily life as IT professional ?

I'm interested in getting ITILv3 foundation certification and so far I've been through some of the books like:

I wonder how does one implement ITIL when you're not the Top level management ? should this course taken by the IT manager level rather than a techie ?

any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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jjoz -- I've been through several orgs that implemented ITIL ... and here are my thoughts...

1.  ITIL has to start somewhere... for you to be successful and already being under the radar I would select 1 area to implement ITIL
2.  Keep it small to ensure your success
3.  Exploit your victories with upper management and use your success as a jumping off point for organization wide ITIL.
4.  Remember that nothing is "STATIC" in any environment and build that premise into your ITIL methodolgies with emphasis on process management and change management and it will be hard to go unnoticed.
5.  ITIL certification is the framework for ITIL.  Remember that some strategies work better than others in different organizations.  Don't get too carried away with the framework if it doesn't fit.

I recon if you successfully pilot something that you are currently working on now and express to management your desire to do ITIL enterprise wide, you should be on the road to great success.

Good luck!

After your completion you can do a case study on your experiences and findings.  
jjozAuthor Commented:
Thanks man
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