importing a backup from Sage 2010 means our Sage 2009 will no longer open, help needed!


We imported a backup from our accountant into our sage 2009 without realising it was from Sage 2010. We now cant open our Sage 2009 as it will no longer get past sign in - just says 'This data was last used with a later version of Sage Accounts. You must update this version of Sage Accounts before accessing the data.'

A work around suggested before we knew this was the cause of the problem of saving the demodata into the accdata didnt work for some reason - i still get the same message. might be that i did this wrong so please tell me the correct way to do this.

Any ideas much appreciated.


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Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
I suspect you are copying the demodata data into the wrong location.

Data can be located anywhere, but there is a file that contains the location (called company no file extension, open with notepad and you can read it) that file is in different places depanding on operating system.

for XP it is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Accounts\2009\Company

in Vista / W7 its C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\2009\Company

let me know if you can't find it.

Application data is a hidden folder, so you may need to unhide in windows explorer first.

Tools>Folder Options>View>Hidden Files and Folders

Once you know where the "accdata" folder is just overwrite it with the accdata from demodata and you should be able to log in and restore a "pre accountant" backup.

Do the world a favour and shoot the accountant.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
the only way you'll be able to open that data is to upgrade Sage to 2010. If you want to restore your old data go into your sage folder and rename a folder called company00XXX <you should know where you placed it and then restore your old data in there (I presume you have a backup?)

another solution is to rename the company pointer file (can't remember the exact name) and when you open up sage you are presented only with your demo data and then import your other companies. I had a similar problem and called sage support and they talked me through it over the phone. If you have a support contract with them just give them a call

I have the same problem as above only using Sage 50 Accounts 2010 ? Followed all the instructions but stillend up with the 'This data was last used with a later version of Sage Accounts. You must update this version of Sage Accounts before accessing the data.' prompt ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

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