ASP.NET UpdatePanel, asp:Wizard control and Safari not working

I have an asp:Wizard control surounded by an UpdatePanel.  Only in the safari browser - I see that after the first step, the wizard fails to paint the next next page. When I debug the code everything is normal the problem is the the next wizard step doesnt get rendered and the screen appears to stay on the prior step.

I can't believe Safari doesn't support Ajax very well.. Thanks for any tips or workaorunds
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Have this inside a js file, say SafariFix.js

and in your aspx page , make some modification

Sys.Browser.WebKit = {}; //Safari 3 is considered WebKit
if( navigator.userAgent.indexOf( 'WebKit/' ) > -1 )
  Sys.Browser.agent = Sys.Browser.WebKit;
  Sys.Browser.version = parseFloat( navigator.userAgent.match(/WebKit\/(\d+(\.\d+)?)/)[1]); = 'WebKit';

<asp:ScriptReference Path="~/SafariFix.js" />

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vamail2Author Commented:
Thanks.  I tried this.  Now the only problem is teh website is twice as slow to render... argghhh..

Thanks though
This script will never make the site slow to render ... Try a better version of Safari .. Safari 4 may be ... If you have a large page with lot of data then the site will take some time to render. The question is, Is it only happening in SAFARI ?

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