HP All-in-One Storage 1200R

I am using an HP All-in-One Storage unit system management to manage my All-in-one Storage unit.  When I create a share using the process described by HP for this application for the most part I have no issues. However every now and then I will create a new share which creates a logical partition. The software will fail to create the share. Now if I go into the HP Array Configuration Utility the logical drive is created.
From here I will go to disk manager and Initialize, Format the disk and create the shares I need.  This new drive and shares will never show up in the Application view of the HP system management software. The drives and shares do show up in the Storage View of the software.   I can schedule snapshots/shadow copies and “revert” them from the “Shadow Copies” tab for the properties of that logical drive.
From what I can tell the only thing I am missing is the warm and fuzzy/pretty pictures from the HP software.   I have attached screen shots for the different applications.   My question is Why does the HP software fail at creating Logical Drives and am I losing anything by NOT using HP’s software?

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No points for this but you really have to log this with HP support, it is a GUI on top of a GUI in that the HP interface drives the WSS interface. You're not losing anything by bypassing the HP stuff (unless you use the integrated Data Protector backup) except for the top level management views.
JaysonJacksonAuthor Commented:
that is what i thought. HP has been less than helpful on this.   thanks again.
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