HyperV virtual server out of space

We have a server that started at roughly 100GB used of 350GB available 4months back.  I haven't been monitoring it so I can't say precisely when it started to fill-up or how long it's been filling, but right now it's at 349GB on a virtual server that allows 350GB.  There is around 150MB of space available and the virtual server won't run.  It will start briefly but then it pauses.  It may or may not be significant that I ran a "Snapshot" last night and the snapshot shows 50GB.

The HyperV server that is hosting this virtual server has 20GB of space available.  I hope to grab some of this available space for the virtual server.  Just enough to get the server to run so that I can login and stop all the services and figure out what is filling up the space.

Thanks in advance
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1.) You need to delete or merge the snapshot.
2.) Shutdown the VM.
3.) Try and compact the VHD

Do you run other services on this server along with HyperV ?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

Are you performing proper Exchange backups of the server? If you don't perform backups with Exchange aware backup software, the transaction logs never get cleared and just keep building up.

egaloisAuthor Commented:
The server was setup wrong, It was set as a "fixed" disk instead of "dynamic".  the shortage of space is actually on the Hyper V server.  working to compress and free up space

working with a local expert....
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