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Is it possible to make EventComb run every 30 minutes to check if all services are up and running and if it any are not,on a remote server, then email a particular email id about that.

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Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Yes this would be possible - you need to use a combination of scheduled tasks (for the every 30 minutes bit) and Windows Scripting (of which I am not an expert) to get EventComb to check the logs, retrieve the results into a CSV file, and then email the results out to a particular email address that you could configure depending upon the results.

Although what I've put sounds easy and straight-forward; it isn't.  Writing a Windows Script to achieve this will not be easy and I'm not sure (backed up by the lack of replies here) that anyone is going to be willing to do that for you for free.  

I think your best bet is to source a local developer who can write the script for you.  Especially easy now that I've told you what you need the script to do.  EventComb is fairly easy to get to grips with too - a nice guidance page is at:  You would, of course, need to find the relevant EventIDs that link in with the services you wish to monitor but, again, this should be fairly easy.


anushahannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ady for the tip.
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